In our wide selection of watch faces, specialty watch faces are unique watch faces that have unique style and form. Our specialty watch faces include both gold and silver watch faces with style and form variations, such as only one loop for a pendant or charm watch face or a watch dial in roman numerals or Hebrew numbers. Some specialty watches come in sizes larger than a typical watch face, while others are made of unusual materials, such as shell and marcasite. Our selection of specialty watch faces includes both Trendz and Geneva watch faces in many styles and designs.

Our selection of specialty watch faces includes watch faces with different attachment mechanisms, such as one loop instead of two or larger beading holes. A one–loop watch face is often used as either a pendant watch face or a charm bracelet watch face, with larger one–loop watch faces typically used for pendants and smaller one–loop watch faces for charm bracelets. Aside from larger beading watch faces, we have multi–holed beading watch faces, which can have two or more holes. These specialty beading watch faces come in copper, pewter, and two-tone metals, as well as the standard silver and gold options, and are available in seasonal designs and with colored watch dials.

Aside from attachment, our specialty watch faces come in a selection of unique materials in addition to the standard metal watch faces. Our specialty watch faces include marcasite watch faces, which resemble silver but more delicate and unrefined, and shell watch faces, which include colored shell pieces framing the watch dial. In addition, the watch dial on a watch face has some variation in our selection of specialty watch faces, and this includes dual time watch dials and watch dials in Roman numerals or Hebrew numbers.